A bit about me 

I am a lawyer-in-training and open governance activist dedicated to improving transparency and the rule of law in my native Ghana and throughout the  African continent. As the Research Lead for Odekro, a leading civic organization that promotes transparency and accountability in Ghanaian government. I spearheaded efforts to improve freedom to information in Ghana by creating the first comprehensive assessment of the 6th Parliament of Ghana’s 4th Republic. In 2016, I was lead applicant in the case Lolan Sagoe-Moses & Six Others v. Minster of Transport & Attorney-General which affirmed the Right to Information in Ghana, and was recently included in Columbia's Global Freedom of Expression project.

A scholar of political thought, I have applied my background in Pan-Africanist socioeconomic theory to policy research at Africa’s leading think tanks and institutions including the IMANI Centre for Policy and Education and the African Leadership Network. I am a graduate of the University of Virginia and University of Leeds School of Law. I am also a member of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance and the CitizenGhana Movement.

But more importantly...

My personal mission is to bring effective governance closer to Africa’s people. To me, that means advocating for Ghanaian and African governments that are accountable to the people they serve. I am a champion for community, integrity, and transparency.