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Round-table discussion on national elections and democracy (Ashesi University)

Thanks to the faculty of Ashesi University, particularly Dr. Kajsa Adu, who invited me to participate in a round-table discussion on national elections and democracy today in the lead up to national elections on 7 December.

With the theme Democratic Gains from the Election Season 2016, the event included a number of organisations involved in political sensitization in Ghana, including Odekro. You can learn more about it here. 

Credit: Ashesi University 

Credit: Ashesi University 

A few comments from the event:

“I think it’s critical that students are involved in the political process,” said Lolan Ekow Sagoe Moses of Odekro, an organization that uses technology to help continuants hold their respective parliamentarians accountable. “In a lot of countries, including Ghana, large-scale change can only happen when students are involved. We need to remember that students have played a key role before in this country, and students should continue to play a key role. They should engage on issues in building institutions, engage politically without necessarily being partisan and be exposed to people who are actively involved in trying to make change. That’s the way to build an engaged citizenry that would go out and besides running their businesses, also realize that they a duty and responsibility and most importantly the power to engage on a day-to-day basis with the government.”
Lolan Sagoe-Moses